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Gloria’s Fantasyland in the Glorious City of Dapitan

The Culture of Fun 

“Happiness can be found in the heart who wear a genuine smile”

Funfairs and carnivals has been part of Filipino’s unique kind of entertainment during holidays and fiestas displayed in central grounds and parks of the cities and towns. Western influence, perhaps, from the infamous happiest place on earth called “The Disney Land”, Filipino’s version of fairgrounds bring unique experience of fun, joy and happiness. From different kiddy rides, fun games, circuses and theatrical parades, going to fairs is every Pinoy kid’s unlimited little pleasure and delight. We fondly call it “perya” or “peryahan” in our own vernaculars, our own version of Disney Land, which has become part of almost every growing Pinoy kid living in the countryside who haven’t seen and or visit real Disney Land.

“the exciting and the ecstatic rides inside fantasyland

But the serene and glorious city of Dapitan in Zamboanga del Norte Province offers a magical and enchanting effervescent experience of what a happiest place could be looked and felt like. That is Gloria’s Fantasyland. Not only for kids, but it’s for everyone to experience for all ages of different walks of life.

“Hail the enchanted king and queen”





Every night is as colorful as revelry daylight. And, everything in one night is as vibrant as the greatest show live.  From exciting kiddies rides to somewhat death–defying rides (roller coaster which was the best ride so far), the unlimited fun is so cool. And, from horror, drama, acrobatic shows and theatrical dances to fiery and blazing fire performance were indeed a world class entertainment display. Adding more in the finale is the grand pageants of majestic kings and queens, princes and princesses of the world in their flamboyant costumes waving from their glittering and towering colorful floats while escorted by magical knights, warriors, pixie-fairies, dwarfs on the parade in melodious great cadence. Indeed, a spectacle night!


cousinship goals”

Visiting Gloria’s Fantasyland was unplanned, until my cousin’s sudden and unexpected invite me then to visit the place with to bond and unwind. With so much amazement on the city’s night cavalcades, it rekindles my childhood’s ultimate dream of visiting the said happiest place on earth, real Disney Land, one day.


“friendship goals”

DSC_0248Completely overload…

Life at some point is tough as it full of difficult challenges and great trials. As we grow older in the passage of times, we tend to forget that one thing in life – to be simply happy. With all the ups and downs in our unremitting journey, it brings me to the realization of that at least once in a while we need to recrudesce with to our happy thoughts of being a child once. Yes indeed, the happiest moment in life is when we were still kids where there’s no limit while playing every child’s game. Though we can’t turn back the real time, never hesitate to travel back to that dimension where a child’s happiness is but without a judgment. Let the heart of a kid within play once again even just for a while. Fantasy is maybe a product of make-believe but “happiness is real” and never ever a mere pipe dream. Being happy is never an option or a crime either. So overload life with happiness because it is always a choice that only we and we alone can decide.

“Smile and be happy all day and night”