Binalbal Festival, the thriving culture-tale from the crypts of Tudela land


Here was another fiery salvo of wicked street party moves at Tudela on New Year’s Day! From the simple wearing of masks along streets with an uncanny cosmetics, charcoal, and greasepaint in the faces to a more grandiose competitions among townspeople vying for the uniquely scariest yet the drollest costumes of “Binalbal”. Similar to Mardi Gras from Europe, Binalbal Festival in Tudela, Misamis Occidental has become culturally anticipated revelry from amongst the folks every 1st day of January to start the year with positive vibes and unity among others. People disguising as witches zombies, vampires, ghosts, ugly animal-like forms and the likes allow them the full freedom of inhibition to conquer the street festival for the devilish fun and excitement.
Since its official inception, this year’s street gala was quite a bit challenging. With torrential rains that showered the party brought by (at that time) forthcoming Tropical Depression “Agaton”, yet organizers and participants were optimistic and determined to showcase their prepared bizarre and innovative get-ups in order not to disappoint the spectators who flock all the way from neighboring towns and other places. The show must go on! And indeed, true to their vow and promise to give you happily ever laughter: “KATAWA – Kalihukan Ato sa Tudela Agik-ik Wara-wara Anhia” (“LAUGH” – Come at Tudela’s giggle and wave party)
Binalbal in Tudela is culturally thriving. Evident is the much participation of its own people as well as the anticipated keenness of spectators (even after from sleepless midnight party of New Year’s Eve). It manifest diversity that made Tudelanon uniquely identified. By conserving Binalbal’s fun and artistic expression, thus, creates culture-bound sense of being Tudelanons.

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