Remembering Father on this Day

Me (2013)                                                                           Papa (Early 1970’s)

Today, we remember someone special dear to our hearts, our FATHER.

More than 15 years of his passing then, yet I still miss him badly. His memories kept resonating in my head. Of him being a good and loving father, he’s a responsible provider and a soldier. Yes, he’s a hero not only in our home but also to our nation whom he served with pride and honor.

Looking back, many would tell me that we do have had a lot of similarities. ‘A sort of’ and I would never say “no” because obviously he’s my Father. Now I say by just looking on the photo really do speaks a lot. I could not escape nor deny the fact that we are indeed really look-a-like, a “carbon copy”, splitting image. Even our gestures on the way we play and hold guitars, it speaks “one-thing” a lot. Yes, I got some little musical genes from my  papa. He loves to sing, so do I. But I bet he’s way better than what I have. he’s way best than what I can do. Papa will always be my idol, my hero.

To all Dad’s out there, teach your child/children to be good and kind. Teach them to be braved as life is never easy to traverse unto. Dad’s is a great navigator in every storm that shakes our life. And that you must guide should your child/children choose the path they want to be and to have in life. These are some of the few things I learned from my ‘Pa.

It’s never to late to say “Happy Father’s Day!”. However, always honor your father every single breath of the day you are with him. Make the most out of it.


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