Simply Throwback: “TINAGO FALLS”

I really love nature. Going to spots like waterfalls is a place like-no-other, a true experience indeed. My country is blessed with wondrous nature and it is something we can be proud of and thankful to.

Tinago Falls

This is Tinago Falls (the term ‘tinago” literally means “hidden”), a water crystal jewel, I must say. Hidden it may called, but many tourists and nature lovers have already come to visit this place more often. I should say that most travelers and adventurers are in love with the place…


This hidden jewel is located at the deep ravine from the outskirt of the City district. No exact words that can describe but truly breathe-taking.Indeed “3G” – God’s Great Gift.

Going to Tinago Falls is about 15 to 30 minutes away from the heart of Iligan City. There are two options of stop-over. From the city, you may take a jeepney ride (PUJ) going to Barangay Buru-un or going to the Town of Linamon. Just tell the driver you’ll be dropped to the site’s (falls’) entry point. From then, you will take a motorcycle ride called “habal-habal” on the way to the location.

Before arriving at the majestic site, you must trek down the nearly 500 cemented descending steps which also called the “winding staircase”. So those who wants to visit, prepare your heart and stretch your lungs. If you have heart conditions, don’t be disappointed. You can still hike but with caution: just take your time and take it slowly, rest and enjoy taking pictures while feasting your eyes on the nature’s enticing beautiful panoramic view. Surely you’ll be mesmerized that others need to see. In time, you’ll arrive without catching a breath. It’s best to visit this place with friends and or company. It’s more fun!


Going near to the falling cold water or cascades is something you must try. Riding on their improvised bamboo-made raft, you may experience the lavishing and rumbling waters over. A rope is tied-up connected from its bank to the waterfalls’ small caves. All you do is to tag it while in the bamboo’s raft. It’s free of charge.

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How deep is the blue ice-cold basin? According to some local folks, no one ever knows how deep the water level is. It is said that no person recorded that ever reach the deepest trench. Not even some professional scuba divers from other countries. Who knows, you might be… Anyhow, for safety precaution, hence, wearing life vest is a must. That is if you don’t know how to swim (even if you know, though…) It’s twenty five pesos of worth per use.

Interesting photos:

One of the things that I really enjoyed the most is looking on the pictures. It gave me satisfaction and simple joy while bringing back the moments. So, on our way back home, I took a glimpsed on my mobile phone with a built-in 5.0 mega pixels camera. It caught some visible images yet something a little bit unusual to the naked eye. But it’s all cool!


Photo 1. What can you see? be the judge…

What do you think? curious…

Enjoy Reading!Thanks.